Catalyzing Cities, Regions and What's In-Between.

Urban, suburban and regional transportation only truly flies when serving broad and balanced interests. 

BAETZNER METROPOLITAN crosses disciplines and adopts a holistic view on cities, regions and all those hard-to-capture areas in-between, developing tomorrow's seamless metropolitan transit focused on serving citizens. Successful transit, unerstood in the broadest way, leverages societies and local economies by catalyzing urban potentials, ultimately offsetting investment and operational costs through positive externalities. 

Novel approaches to connecting high-capacity infrastructure with innovative modes such as shared and on-demand mobility, urban ropeways and skybridges, connected in multi-modal hubs, unlock the next level of efficiency in optimizing space, time and user comfort, serving passengers from doorstep to destination.

Disruption is over: The future is about identifying assets, leveraging, integrating and complementing. BAETZNER METROPOLITAN designs new offers and services, creating added value through broad, systemic and societal approaches. Networked, multimodal 360-degree urban transport solutions are lasting and powerful backbones of healthy urban and regional futures.

Leverage citizens' lifetime. Leverage your local economy. Give businesses the best framework they could benefit from.

Discover new tools and novel pathways to integrated mobility solutions.