Arnd N. Baetzner

Arnd is passionate about better understanding the various intersections of mobility, transportation and society. Based on a holistic approach driven by urban design and spatial layout considerations, Arnd expands and translates new insights into forward-looking policies and governance models. His work experience includes executive management, research, consulting and advisory roles with both the public and private sectors in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas.

Convinced that robust new approaches in transportation need to be built around serving and empowering our societies, he believes strategic interventions can best be developed at the crossroads of analytical insights and industry best practices, leveraging human skills, research and operational know-how into novel service concepts ultimately strengthening communities. His experience in the mobility industry encompasses urban rail, shared, on-demand and informal modes, paratransit, walkability, elevated and cable-propelled transit, and aviation.

Recent focal areas of his managerial and consulting work comprise multi-modal integration of shared mobility with fixed-route transit, fare integration, layout of passenger intermodal facilities, design proposals for urban cable car networks, benchmarking and implementing alternative bus propulsion technology, autonomous driving and the role of data, and broad considerations of economic and social opportunities, challenges and costs of the mobility revolution. Arnd is engaged in national and international government, industry and research bodies and advisory boards. He is a frequent speaker at leading global transportation conferences.

Key professional interests and areas of expertise include

• Strategic development and management of integrated, multi-modal transit systems
• Regulation and policy guidelines for digitally enabled mobility business models

• Integration of new mobility modes with mass transit: shared, on-demand, elevated/cable and informal transport

• Data-driven last-mile connectivity integrating passenger and cargo logistics

• Urban design and land use requirements for an autonomous vehicle age based on holistic socioeconomic analysis
• Transit bus electrification focused on long-term viability and sustainability, based on specific network parameters such as topology, route lengths and network evolution

Arnd has grown to love the magic promise that lays in trains and reliable transit since experiencing, as a child, the closure of passenger rail serving his village in rural France.
What then had resulted in 3-hour cycling trips to the next available transport other than his parents' car today fuels his particular awareness for the design of interfaces between rural, urban and undefined in-between zones - in many cases the very generators of private car dependency.