Put People First. Dump Cars. Revamp Transit.

In large parts of the world, urban and regional mobility have not seen properly coordinated, sustainable investments for decades.
Investments that had been made have ultimately supported a car-centred urbanism and land use planning. In the immediate future, putting cars instead of people first will not get us any further.

We support you in leaving that thinking behind. Based in Switzerland, we've been living multimodal integration and high-performance, equitable, reliable transit for decades.
We identify the best solutions from all over the world, take them further, integrate and custom-tailor them to your environment. We build on experiences in both developed and developing environments, in rail, bus, walkability, cycling, novel on-demand modes and shared mobility. We ask what can be learned from informality and how formal transport can be made flexible. And, first and foremost, we focus on bringing all of them together, for different modes to work and perform leveraging each other. Carefully crafted, life-centric multimodality is the key to a post-car age.

Our approaches do not put technology first, They make technology work for an urban planning and land use focused view. We embrace long-term perspectives, not short-term fashions.

We put the user first, knowing that to get people out of cars, combined mobility needs to be comfortable, attractive, reliable and safe. This includes digital and physical designs, with a strong focus on interfaces. An app has to deliver intuitive usability. In physical infrastructure, inclusiveness and accessibility translate into bus stops or rail stations that are inviting, accommodating spaces closer to an urban plaza or an airline lounge than to a windy platform. Next-gen transit systems have to be laid out for a person with reduced mobility to navigate and access the full system on her own, without requiring any operator assistance. And a lady traveling by herself needs to feel safe and secure at 2 a.m., both aboard vehicles, in intermodal facilities, and ultimately in urban and regional spaces surrounding them. If we say inclusiveness, the horizon is the limit. Inclusiveness is a societal task, embracing executives with no further time to waste on driving as well as those unbanked.

Our work aspires to give streets and "inter-building areas" back to people. Let us ask how defining transportation corridors can foster vibrant, liveable spaces and trigger off more sparing, more sustainable and more efficient land use patterns. In our proposals, we include advanced options in mobility: From urban cable cars, elevated walkways, demand-responsive feeders, automated driving integrated with transit to high-performance bus electrification that beyond a quick fix will comply with both ecological and commercial standards - we help you build solutions that are robust, that deliver, that thoughtfully combine the best in proven technology and the latest in innovation.
Centered around customers as diverse as yours, today and tomorrow.

It is time to fundamentally re-think urban mobility.

Discover new horizons.
Whether your mobility challenges are permanent or temporary, e.g. related to a major event:
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